vrijdag 5 oktober 2012

Hunting & gathering day 4

Today I had the speed of a turtle, I got bigger and bigger. I found a big yellow arrow pointing in the direction I was heading. Hours of suffering felt like seconds the moment I had reached my goal. Like always I felt happy and sad. Happy to be somewhere. Sad not to be nowhere anymore.

Today I walked through a storm, along windmills, through empty fields and streets under construction. I walked along a long row of women sitting behind windows offering their bodies to men

driving by slowly. Right next to it Turkish men were collecting walnuts in a small park.
I walked through the city centre of Utrecht, over bridges, under tunnels. When I was almost there, the road was suddenly blocked. A last detour. The plastic gods were on my side.

I was welcomed like a hero and I felt like the Plastic Crusader I have been called. A red carpet, music, people applauding and best of all: plastic everywhere. This must be paradise.


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