zaterdag 29 september 2012

The missing link

The Lekkermakery, the people who prepared us delicious food during the weekends, had an old-fashioned automat, containing small items for consumption like bags of crisps, cookies, chewing gum. On the last Sideways night I threw € 2 in the automat and obtained 4 items: a bag of crisps, some mints and a small cigar and a lighter. The crisps were eaten the same evening by Claudia and Marie-Anne. I gave the mints to somebody, I don't remember who. I kept the cigar and the lighter.
When everybody left on Monday I stayed behind, put up my tent at the final Sideways location (Frans' farm) and tried to be silent for a few days before returning to my "normal" life. On the last night, the Wednesday night, I sat on one of the big wagons that stood next to my tent in the field and smoked the cigar. I kept the plastic cigar holder and brought it back home.

In Amsterdam I didn't know how to fit back in my old life. It is a feeling I know, it takes time to decompress, to find a new way in-between the old life and the new experience. Thinking of ways to incorporate the Sideways experience in the road I want to follow, I thought about a place I had visited in spring this year, the Metal Cathedral, a place where they had offered me some space to play and think and give new meaning to old ideas. I had declined the offer because there were other things to do, but I hadn't forgotten about it.

When I checked their website I saw they were in the middle of creating a new continent, an 8th continent, constructed out of plastic only.

Next weekend the continent will be presented to the public. This Tuesday I will put the plastic cigar holder in my pocket and start walking to the Metaal Kathedraal. On my way I will gather more plastic items and in four days I will be carrying enough plastic to build my own island. I will join the 8th Continent on Friday. You can see what will happen then HERE

I won't remain at the 8th continent. Normal life is still waiting. But I'll buy myself a new 3 piece walking suit this autumn and I will wear it as long as is needed, covering the inside world with what I see and hear in the outside world. It will be my armour. A soft one. One I can take of easily without loosing its protection.

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