woensdag 3 oktober 2012

Hunting and gathering day 2

Second day. 18 km. A rainy day. I have some nice talks with people. Two women who think I'm living rough feel sorry for me because of the weather. When I explain they wish me all the best. Two young fishermen (they can't be older than 10) ask me what I'm doing. I explain and they offer me their plastic bottles and when I tell them I only collect items people left on the road or in nature they throw their bottles in the gutter. I laugh and tell them more about plastic, how it defiles nature and kills the fishes they are trying to catch right at this moment. I ask them what is more ridiculous: to throw items out of your window that will ruin the land because they don't perish or walk around with a carload of plastic on your back, looking funny. They hesitate and I tell them they don't have to answer but maybe they can think about it. They nodd and offer me a sandwich.

Later on in the day I find bags filled with plastic along the road. One bag first, then six, then twenty or so. At first I'm delighted. Then I realise how many people live along this road. More than 27. More than 270. Maybe even more than 2700.

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