donderdag 4 oktober 2012


I lost my sunglasses today
they're made out of plastic but that's not the point
I'm in the habit of loosing and finding things

I already lost two pairs earlier this summer
one fell in the Albert Canal in Belgium, the other pair found its way to Barcelona
sunglasses are one of the objects I loose most

my favorite sunglassloss happened in Italy a few years ago
I went on a walk and lost my sunglasses, I only discovered it when I'd returned to my startingpoint
so the next morning I made the exact same walk

I didn't find any sunglasses but I did find the antlers of a deer
I thought it was a brilliant trade, thanked the deer and took the antlers home
I thought about wearing them but never did (HERE's what I thought)

I also walked back today
I knew they couldn't be far and they weren't
one eyeglass had fallen out
to mirror the sky on his own

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