maandag 15 oktober 2012


a new old friend wrote a few lines to me
after I had flooded him with words and suggestions
telling me he didn't have as many worlds as I have

I was puzzled
did he mean words or worlds
or is it the same thing?

when I don't know what I'm thinking I'm writing
words make things clear to me
and I do move in different worlds to gather food for thought
to feed my words

but what for?

I could stay in this one and be silent
if I don't need the words I don't need the worlds

there's one dilemma though
should I send these words to my friend?
to tell him he made me think?
are they for him or are they for me?

he doesn't need these words
and I don't need them either
but I've got a suit I can sew them in
nobody will see them there

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